• Clinic of the Month - Glow Dermal Therapy

    Clinic of the Month - Glow Dermal Therapy
    I am so excited to introduce you all to Amanda Hlatky from Glow Dermal Therapy all the way in beautiful Vancouver!  I remember meeting you at the coffee shop in Vancouver, and it was the most interesting conversation I've had with anybody wanting to bring in Dermaviduals, because you were just like, “Yes. I've done my research, I like it, and this is what I do.”  I remember the first meeting too! I reached out to you because I had done a lot of research. I've lived in Australia, and dermal therapy is a huge thing...
  • Clinic of the Month - White Feather Spa

    Clinic of the Month - White Feather Spa
    I can’t wait to introduce our September Clinic of the Month, Rachael from White Feather Spa located in Port Stanley, Ontario! I am so excited to have this conversation with you and ask you a bit about your journey with Dermaviduals because your story has so inspired me. Tell us a bit about White Feather Spa and what things looked like before bringing in Dermaviduals.  I am a solo aesthetician, so there's just me, myself and I. Before Dermaviduals, I was more of a full-service spa. I initially started out offering manicures, pedicures, skincare, full bath,...
  • Clinic of the Month - Spa Luxe

    Clinic of the Month - Spa Luxe
    It is my honour to introduce our August Clinic of the Month, the wonderful Maarisa Bastien of Spa Luxe from Iroquois Falls, Ontario!  What did things look like for you and your business before Dermaviduals?  Before I decided to align with Dermaviduals, I had a few skincare lines that I loved, but I started to feel like certain clients were plateauing. I couldn't get them further. I really wanted to focus on just one line that would do it all. I started to do a little more digging and I ended up doing my Pastiche Training...
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