Searching For an All-Natural, Customizable Skin Care Solution That Your Clients Will Love?

From acne to rosacea to ageing concerns to a multitude of skin disorders… Dermaviduals is how you create a customized skin care plan for each person who walks into your clinic.

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You’ve probably seen multiple offers for “unique product lines”... but you may never have heard of Dermaviduals before! That’s because we don’t need a lot of marketing – our results speak for themselves: 

Why is Customizable important?

Dermaviduals is both bioidentical and corneotherapeutic, but the customizable component is what makes it stand apart and get real results for your clients. (Not all corneotherapy products are customizable to this extent.)This custom delivery process is truly unique and provides the most accurate and responsive delivery system for your clients. Dermaviduals products are not sold online or in non-professional environments. You’ll only find them in licensed skin care clinics, medical offices, and medical spas. 

How is Dermaviduals different?

Dermaviduals is composed of pure, natural ingredients and are free from the many irritating and potentially toxic additives that many other skincare products contain. Other lines also tend to focus on breaking down the skin and then rebuilding it. But breaking down the skin makes it vulnerable while it’s being rebuilt. Dermaviduals assists the skin in functioning optimally and corrects it while maintaining the skin barrier and keeping it intact at all times. (Plus it’s completely customizable!)It doesn’t help to fix a house while it’s on fire. We have to extinguish the fire first and then we can fix the house. That’s what Dermaviduals does for your clients’ skin!

What will Dermaviduals do for your clinic?

Once you start using these products and understand why the skin reacts, responds, and resists the way it does, you’ll begin to master the treatments and achieve incredible outcomes for your clients.This approach to skin care changes everything. When your clients start seeing amazing results, they’ll want a long-term relationship with you. And they’ll send their friends and family your way as well!Plus, when you join us, you also join an entire supportive community of skin care professionals and you get the education you need to deliver the best experience to your clients.

What Current Partners Have to Say:

In case we haven't met yet, I’m René Serbon, Industry Educator, Unquenchable Skin Enthusiast, and leading expert on Corneotherapy. I’m also the Chair of the International Association of Applied Corneotherapy Education Board.With 20+ years in the industry, working with 6000+ clients, 1500+ estheticians, and 100+ clinics, I’ve made it my mission to educate clinic owners and solo estheticians on the skin, (inside and out). This is how you move beyond grooming services and “cookie cutter clinics” and have a true point of difference in your industry! I can’t wait to chat with you about becoming a Dermaviduals Partner. 

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