The primary goal of preventative skincare is to keep your skin soft, smooth, supple and wrinkle-free for as long as possible.  Other than smoothing and hydrating your skin, another essential factor that must be taken into consideration is skin elasticity.  A water and lipid imbalance can play a role in the ability of your skin to absorb moisture.  

If your Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF) is disturbed, hydration will be difficult and wrinkles may then begin to form.  Lack of exercise and weight gain may also cause temporary lipid (fatty) deposits, which may also affect the elasticity of the skin.  Collagen filaments in the skin are mainly responsible for its elasticity and strength.  As a person ages, less collagen is produced (especially after menopause) and an aging appearance can be observed.  UV radiation from the sun, heredity factors and skin disorders which harden the skin (cornification) also accelerate the loss of elasticity.  

Signs of Aging can be caused by:

•    Sun damage
•    Hormonal imbalance
•    Cellular senescence (older cells forgetting their function) therefore resulting in:
     -reduced moisture
     -loss of pigment
     -too much pigment
•    Lifestyle choices (smoking, alcohol, drug abuse)

How does one counter these effects?

•    Increase effective delivery of cell nutrients.
•    Add phytohormone liposomes to balance estrogen deficiencies.
•    Replenish natural moisture and prevent evaporation.
•    Optimize pigment cell function.
•    Provide anti-oxidants to protect against free radical damage.

Benefits of dermaviduals® use:

•    Smooths and nourishes
•    Moisturizes
•    Evens skin tone
•    Minimizes appearance of pores

Products for Daily Skincare:

•    DMS Cleansing Milk/Gel
•    Face Tonic or Face Lotion M
•    Custom-Blended Base Cream

Products for Weekly Skincare:

•    DMS Mask with Vitamins
•    DMS Peeling Cream

Active Agents to Consider for this Condition:

•    Phytohormone
•    Anti-Wrinkle Serum
•    Vitamin A
•    Vitamin C
•    Boswellia

Clinical Treatments:

•    Enzyme Peel
•    Alga Base Facial
•    Terra Sana Facial
•    Base Modelage Facial

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