• 2021 Forecast Live with Kim Woods

    2021 Forecast Live with Kim Woods
    2020 was obviously a challenging year for all. And I'm so grateful to have had you in my orb during 2020 to kind of help me stay (somewhat) sane. You are so grounded. And you know, I'm actually quite calm in times of craziness but this year even challenged me. And when the New Year rolled around, I almost felt like I could inhale. So, I'm so excited to hear what you have in the forecast for 2021. Aside from being literally magical, Kim's background is actually… well... she is a business strategist. She's helped build...
  • Clinic of the Month

    Clinic of the Month | Thrive Wellness Clinic
    I am so excited to introduce you today to Dr. Alyah Karim from Thrive Wellness Clinic in Vancouver, British Columbia. Thrive Wellness Clinic in Vancouver is a multi-disciplined clinic. This clinic boasts two naturopathic doctors offering acupuncture and also, aesthetics.  What did the business look like before Dermaviduals?  I didn't really have a focus on skin at that time. I had been exposed to the Dermaviduals products and I was very interested. But at that time, I was still doing a general naturopathic practice, not with a direct focus on skin. After Pastiche Training is when...
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